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For over four decades, Medical Moves has been at the forefront of providing reliable, swift, and secure medical courier solutions. Our dedicated approach ensures that healthcare industries have a partner they can trust for the transport of critical medical supplies, equipment, and documents, any time of the day, all year round.

Why Choose Medical Moves for Your Medical Courier Needs?

Our reputation as a leading medical courier is built on a foundation of trust, punctuality, and unparalleled expertise in handling sensitive materials. We understand the unique challenges that come with transporting medical goods, and our team is specially trained to meet and exceed these stringent demands.

24 Hour Express Medical Courier

24hr Express Medical Courier services include:

Vaccines Transport

Blood Transport

Radioactive Medicine Transport

Organ Transport

Hospital & Inter-Surgery Deliveries

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Specialist Medical Courier Services Available 24/7/365

We are committed to supporting the healthcare sector around the clock. Our services are available 24/7/365, ensuring that vital medical supplies, sensitive documents, and life-saving equipment are delivered securely and on time, every time.

Secure and Compliant Medical Logistics

At Medical Moves, we prioritise the security and integrity of your medical consignments. Our couriers are trained in the proper handling and transportation protocols compliant with healthcare regulations, guaranteeing that delicate items are treated with the utmost care and attention they require.

Experienced Team for Reliable Medical Deliveries

Our medical couriers are more than just delivery professionals. They are a crucial link in the healthcare supply chain, entrusted with the secure and punctual delivery of medical goods. With over 40 years of experience, we have established an exemplary track record in the field of medical logistics.

Tailored Solutions for Healthcare Industry Needs

We understand that each medical delivery can be unique and may require special handling or expedited timelines. Medical Moves provides customised courier solutions designed to meet the specific needs and challenges of the healthcare industry.

Contact Us for Your Medical Courier Requirements

Ready for a medical courier that prioritises the safety, speed, and security of your healthcare deliveries? Call Medical Moves today on 08708 506066. Our team is on standby to provide you with reliable, efficient, and compliant service, no matter the scale or scope of your delivery needs.

Public/Private Healthcare, Bio Labs & Pharmaceuticals Industry

We can offer you a bespoke service providing Pathology, Specimen Collections, Pharmacy Re-supply, Organ Transport, Vaccine Delivery and more.

Vaccines & Blood

The distribution of vaccines or delivery of blood and blood products without delay or damage is of the utmost importance for patient welbeing.

Hospital & Surgery Courier

Operating nationwide we carry everything from mail, path lab samples, case notes, x-rays etc. between departments, hospitals or surgeries.


Medical Records Storage

Our clients are able to access their medical records through logging in to their own personal secure web based account portal.


Steralisation Shuttle

We have specialist vehicles and staff available specifically to handle theatre and ward sterilisation trolleys.

Radioactive Medicine

We provide a reliable and efficient service to various companies and NHS trusts carrying type-A & IP2 packages.


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